1st Deutsch-Amazonisches Festival in Berlin

Initiative to Promote Latin Art and Culture

ICD House of Arts & Cultures; June 22-23rd, 2024

20240622 1st Deutsch-Amazonisches Festival.jpg

On June 22-23rd, 2024, the ICD Academy for Cultural Diplomacy had the honor of hosting the inaugural Deutsch-Amazonisches Festival, a vibrant celebration of cultural exchange and community. Located at Soltauerstraße 18-22, the Academy transformed into a bustling hub of music, dance, and festivities, highlighting the rich cultural tapestry of the Amazon region.

An Eclectic Lineup of Performances
The festival kicked off at noon on June 22, with the premises opening their doors to an eager crowd. The diverse lineup of performers set the stage for an unforgettable event. From Peru, the authentic Juaneco brought the pulsating rhythms of Amazonian cumbia, while Rojo Mix from Berlin added a local twist to the musical extravaganza. Representing Argentina, La Chicharra captivated the audience with their unique sound, and La Banda Rara from Brazil delivered an electrifying performance. DJs Halley Seidel from Brazil and FactGomez from the Caribbean kept the energy high with their dynamic sets, ensuring that there was never a dull moment.

Cultural and Artistic Showcases
In addition to the musical performances, the festival featured a variety of cultural and artistic showcases. Petardo Perú, a digital broadcaster from Salzburg, lent his voice to the event, guiding attendees through the festivities. Bastian Tabert from Luckenwalde displayed his exquisite wood designs, adding an artistic flair to the festival.
Children were not left out of the fun, with a special show organized by German schools and various activities such as the Luna Sol workshop. Traditional dances from Inka Perú enchanted the audience, and the YUNZA padrinos tradition brought a touch of Amazonian heritage to Berlin. Mestre Bilú’s captivating capoeira performance highlighted the rich martial arts tradition of Brazil, while a fashion show featuring Shipibo-style designs showcased the intricate and beautiful textiles of the Amazon region.

Culinary Delights and Festive Activities
Food lovers were treated to a culinary journey through the Amazon, with traditional dishes like Pachamanca prepared on-site. Typical Amazonian cuisine provided a feast for the senses, allowing attendees to savor the unique flavors of the region.
The festival also featured a typical Amazonian carnival, complete with the traditional pandillar, a festive dance that brought everyone together in celebration. A football championship added a competitive edge to the festivities, drawing in sports enthusiasts of all ages.

A Festival with a Cause
Beyond the entertainment and cultural exchange, the 1st Deutsch-Amazonisches Festival had a philanthropic goal. For every attendee, €1 was donated to an NGO supporting children in the Amazon, underscoring the festival’s commitment to giving back to the community.

A Celebration for All Ages
The event was designed to be enjoyed by both adults and children, with a variety of activities ensuring a guaranteed show for all. From the engaging children’s activities to the lively musical performances and traditional dances, there was something for everyone at the festival.

The 1st Deutsch-Amazonisches Festival at the ICD Academy for Cultural Diplomacy was a resounding success, celebrating the rich and diverse cultures of the Amazon. It provided a platform for cultural exchange, community building and philanthropy, embodying the spirit of the ICD’s mission. As attendees left with smiles on their faces and memories of a vibrant cultural experience, it was clear that this festival would be remembered as a highlight of Berlin’s cultural calendar.
We look forward to hosting future editions of the Deutsch-Amazonisches Festival, continuing to celebrate the cultural diversity that enriches our global community.